Brian started teaching in '81. His passion and upbeat social attitude lead him to The Gorge in 1991. Brians Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and SUP stands as one of the first kiteboarding and windsurfing schools in The Gorge and has since been a staple shop in the local community.
Brian Shurton
Owner, Instructor

Brian is a native of Jamaica.  He has worked as a professional windsurf instructor at the premier resorts in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Florida, Maui, and now Hood River.  He holds a US National Champion title for Slalom Windsurf Racing.  Brian began teaching kiteboarding in 1998.  He is a certified Level I PASA Instructor and works full time in the winter months in Jamaica teaching students from all over the world.

Kayla Shurton
Windsurf Instructor

Kayla has been teaching windsurfing  for over 5 years. When shes not on the water, Kayla spends her time sking the slopes. 

Justin Wagstaff
Kiteboard Instuctor


Justin is one of our leading instructors that will push your abilities to the next level. He spends his time between Hood River and Mexico surfing, kiteboarding, and doing whatever he can to stay on the water!

Mark Lee
Kiteboard Instuctor

Mark is a talented instructor who has been here teaching for over 4 years. When he's not teaching you can catch him working on his van or out enjoying the river

The Jamacian Experience

Interested in kiteboarding, windsurfing, or stand-up paddleboarding in the caribbean? Click the link below to check out our second location based in Jamacia!