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kiteboarding lessons

learn to kiteboard for the first time or improve your skills ON the water

We 100% customize our kiteboarding lessons to each students skill level and learning ability, so you get the most out of your kiteboarding experience! We use two-way instant feedback Bluetooth communication headsets, and we include all of your equipment in your lesson (wetsuit and booties, harness, PFD, kite, board, bar and helmet).

3 Lesson Kite package!: $950

intro package



2.5 hrs

This class is your introduction to kiteboarding lesson where we introduce you to a 4-line inflatable kite; the kite you will be using on the water. By the end of the lesson students will know how to asses the weather and location for safe kite flying, understand the wind window, set up a 4-line kite, safely launch and land, fly one handed, self rescue, and includes an intro to water body dragging. 

Add a friend+ $150

Brian pumping up a kite before a kiteboarding lesson

intermediate kiteboarding lessons



Students will learn how to perfect their kiteboarding abilities while learning new flying techniques. This is the next lesson after you have taken our intro class or a lesson elsewhere. Students will learn upwind body dragging, board recovery, and how to get up on the board and ride.

Kiteboarding in the Columbia River Gorge

Jet ski assisted kiteboarding lessons




After students have taken 1-2 intermediate lessons we recommend that they take our private, jet-ski assisted kiteboarding lessons, with 2-way instant feedback bluetooth instruction. Students will perfect their skills from previous kiteboarding lessons while learning advanced riding techniques such as transitions and riding upwind.

kiteboarding with Mt. Hood in the background
Book Now-Kiteboarding

book a kiteboarding lesson

The best way to book a kiteboarding or windsurfing lesson is to send us an email at or call us at 541-806-1075. Our summer kiteboarding and windsurfing season starts in May and we book up fast, so don't wait!


You can also fill out the form below. Please include some details about whether you're interesting in kiteboarding or windsurfing lessons, and your skill level - this will help us build a personalized lesson just for you!

NOTE: We are VERY busy on the weekends. If your schedule and/or travel plans allows you to take a lesson midweek, we will most likely have more flexibility and availability. Wind sports are wind dependent and some days the wind doesn't blow - keep that in mind.

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