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wing lessons

Learn To Wing Package: 3 Lessons $950 

This totally customizable package includes 3 lessons and is designed for anyone looking to get into the sport quickly and safely. If you are a beginner this package is broken up into 3 parts: Intro To Wing, Intro To Foil, and Wing Foil Down Winder.

In Intro To Wing you will be learning basic wing control and riding a large board.

Intro To Foil is a lesson designed to get you familiar with riding a hydrofoil with the help of jet ski assist.

Wing Foil Down Winder is the lesson where you put together all the skills and become a wing foiler. In this lesson you will start upwind and have plenty of space to practice using the wing with a foil board while your instructor coaches you from a jet ski.

This package can be customized so if you want to focus on one of these skills more, you can. For example, if you have already done an intro to wing lesson, you can start with intro to foil and do two Wing Foil Downwinders. Or vise versa. Together you and your instructor can can modify this package so it is exactly what you need.

First Time Wing $375 ~ 2.5hrs

Add a friend +$150

Experience tailored excellence as our expert instructors provide personalized instruction, accelerating your skill development and ensuring every moment is optimized for progress and enjoyment. With safety as our top priority, Jet Ski support is always at your side, offering peace of mind as you navigate the waters. 

During the session you will cover basic wing control and steering, Maneuvering a large board with a fin, wind theory and safety, proper stance and balance, turning techniques, and mastering pop-ups.

Intermediate/ Advanced Lessons $375 ~ 2.5hrs

Intermediate/ Advanced Lessons are for anyone who has mastered wing control on a board with a center fin and are looking to take it to the next level. Whether you are working on getting longer foil rides, tacking and jibing on foil, or learning how to ride swell on the river. Whatever you are working on, our skilled instructors can help you progress. These lessons are jet ski assisted and range anywhere from an intro to foiling behind a jet ski, or putting it all together and doing a wing foil downwinder.


Book Wing Lesson

book a wing lesson

The best way to book a kiteboarding, windsurfing or wing lesson is to send us an email at or call us at 541-806-1075. Our summer kiteboarding and windsurfing season starts in May and we book up fast, so don't wait!


You can also fill out the form below. Please include some details about whether you're interesting in kiteboarding, windsurfing or Wing lessons, and your skill level - this will help us build a personalized lesson just for you!

Remember: We are VERY busy on the weekends. If your schedule and/or travel plans allows you to take a lesson midweek, we will most likely have more flexibility and availability. Wind sports are wind dependent and some days the wind doesn't blow - keep that in mind.

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