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windsurfing lessons

learn to windsurf with a master-level instructor!

Brian is a US National Windsurfing Champion and a Master Level Instructor.


He has taught clients over the world for the past 30 years.  His passion and love for windsurfing are the foundation of your lesson and a life experience you will never forget.



Group price per person: $200 ~ 2.5hrs

Group Lessons are offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Private lessons: $350 (add a friend for an additional $175) ~ 2hrs

Our Beginner lesson is designed to provide you with the skills and confidence to get you on the water and sailing. You'll start with "classroom" instruction, which includes understanding the "wind clock", basic sailing terms, and equipment. Using the on-land simulator, you'll learn how to up-haul, steer, proper stance, powering/ de-powering, and tacking. The student will then practice these sailing techniques on the water, assisted by the instructor. 

Brian teaching a beginner how to get up on a windsurfing board

transition windsurfing lessons

Group price per person: $200 ~ 2.5hrs


Private lessons: $350 (add a friend for an additional $175) ~ 2hrs


Using the on-land simulator, the student will learn to turn the board through a fast tack, power-step jibe, and duck jibe. On the water the student will solidify fast tacks and step jibes. Students will also learn balance techniques and a basic beach start.

Brian teachin a windsurfing lesson
Water Start

water start windsurfing lessons

*this class is a private or semi-private lesson only $375 ~ 2.5hrs

Learning to water start is a must for windsurfing in the Gorge. We will teach you what to do, why to do it, and how to do it. Skills include sail position, rig recovery, and the 5-second turn. Your success is guaranteed.

*(This lesson is taught using a Jet Ski)

Windsurfing lesson out on the water
Carving Jibe

carving jibe windsurfing lessons

*this class is a private or semi-private lesson only $300 ~ 2hrs

Carving jibes (fast turns) take your windsurfing to a whole new level. Brian's technique for teaching carving jibes, based on years of racing, ensures students learn the body positioning, sail flip and feet movement to to successfully turn quickly and keep going

Carving jibe windsurfing lesson
Book A Windsurfing Lesson

book a windsurfing lesson

The best way to book a kiteboarding or windsurfing lesson is to send us an email at or call us at 541-806-1075. Our summer kiteboarding and windsurfing season starts in May and we book up fast, so don't wait!


You can also fill out the form below. Please include some details about whether you're interesting in kiteboarding or windsurfing lessons, and your skill level - this will help us build a personalized lesson just for you!

Remember: We are VERY busy on the weekends. If your schedule and/or travel plans allows you to take a lesson midweek, we will most likely have more flexibility and availability. Wind sports are wind dependent and some days the wind doesn't blow - keep that in mind.

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